About Sharpline

We are a family owned business that has been successfully providing HVAC services to residential and commercial clients throughout Ontario for more than fifteen years.

History & Mission

Sharpline Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business since 2007. We have proudly served Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 13 years. Since our start, Sharpline has provided HVAC in a wide variety of settings. Sharpline has a Commercial, Residential and Service Department. Our Residential and Commercial Departments offer installations for new construction as well as for remodel/retrofit installations. Sharpline’s Commercial department has provided installation of mechanical equipment for many of the past and present projects at City of Markham, Toronto Housing, MetCap, CityPark Co, Eggsmart and various commercial locations.

Sarath Senevirathne


Sharpline Heating and Cooling is a family-owned company started by Sarath and Padmini Senevirathne in 2007. Mr. Senevirathne started in the HVAC industry at age 24 as a junior mechanical engineer in Sri Lanka. After migrating to Canada in 2001, he worked as a millwright for 6 years. After the recession of 2007, he was laid off from his company and then he decided to start his own business in HVAC. Mr. Senevirathne excelled in the field due to his mechanical savvy knowledge and his hands-on experience as a millwright. Customers flocked as they were very much satisfied with his service and the business grew. He partnered with his friend to keep up with the demand. Mr. Senevirathne overlooks the business operations and ensures the quality of workmanship is up to his standards. Mr. Senevirathne loves gardening and still loves to go into the field to get his hands dirty. Today, Senevirathne's family business continues to this day with a full commercial, residential, retrofit, and service department under the leadership of his sons, Subodha and Ruwan Senevirathne.

Subodha Senevirathne


In charge of the Commercial Department for Sharpline HVAC. Subodha has been in the HVAC industry since age 16 working with his father in 2010. He’s a graduate from the University of Toronto and manages the daily operation of the firm. His responsibilities include everything from design, estimation and walk-through on sites. He oversees and coordinates all the manpower for new commercial construction projects. Subodha is an avid reader and loves playing basketball.


Ruwan Senevirathne


Ruwan Senevirathne is a director of Sharpline HVAC and in charge of the Marketing and Business Development. Ruwan has been in HVAC industry since age 19 working with his father in 2010. He’s a graduate and has his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Toronto. Ruwan ensures that the business is healthy during economic cycles and constantly keeps a watch on the important KPIs. Ruwan loves to play cricket and plays the guitar during his free time.

Sam Liyanage

Project Manager

Cyril (Sam) Liyanage started working in the HVAC industry in 2001. He has 19 years of HVAC experience and 15 years have been on commercial systems. Cyril completed quantity surveying at the Univotech University in Sri Lanka and completed the advanced mechanical draftsmanship at German Technical College. He was the senior MEP quantity surveyor at the district cooling chilled water project at Palm Island Jumeirah in Dubai. Most recently he has been working with Sharpline HVAC since 2015.

Within our company, he has been in charge of commercial estimation and drafting projects. He has taken on a large role within the company as a Commercial Project Manager. Cyril is one of the most valuable assets within our Commercial Department. Outside of work, he loves wood carving and playing the guitar.

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